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Landes Research Group
Rice University
6100 Main Street MS-60
Houston, TX 77005
Christy's Office: Dell Butcher 352
Student Office: Dell Butcher 133
Lab: Dell Butcher 130
Lab Phone: 713-348-4437

Phone: 713-348-4232
Fax: 713-348-5155

Current Group Members


Principal Investigator

ChristyDr. Christy F. Landes: Research into advancement and application of single molecule spectroscopy  More »


Hao ShenHao Shen:  Instrument development for widefield setup. More »
JoeyJoey Tauzin: FCS on polyelectrolyte brushes More »
Sean CollinSean focused on developing microscopic optical techniques for studying electrochemical and catalytic processes on single metal nanocrystals. More »

Graduate Students

BenBen Hoener: Instrumentation and single molecule temperature dependence kinetic determination. More »
Wenxiao WangWenxiao Wang: Phase mask creation for 3D analysis of 2D images More »
Sudeshna ChatterjeeSudeshna Chatterjee: Single molecule FRET and wide field techniques More »
Nicholas MoringoNicholas Moringo: Single molecule interactions at interfaces and membranes More »
Charlotte FlateboCharlotte Flatebo: Size-exclusion and charge-dependent separations in chromatographic substrates utilizing various super-resolution imaging techniques More »
Rashad BaiyasiRashad Baiyasi: Modeling point spread functions based on interactions with plasmonic nanoparticle structures More »
Logan D. C. BishopLogan D. C. Bishop: Logan is a first year ph.d candidate in chemistry department. His research is focused on the application of machine learning to single molecule super-resolution microscopy. More »
Kshipra Kapoor

Kshipra Kapoor: Kshipra joined Rice ECE in Fall-2016. She completed her undergrad in Bio engineering from University of Mumbai in Fall-2016. She joined Prof. Christy Landes' research group in January,2017. Her current research interests are studying Protein-Nanoparticle interactions at Single Molecule level. In her free time she enjoys hiking, gym, cooking and eating fruits and nuts!

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