Charlotte Flatebo NDSEG Graduate Fellow (Applied Physics)

Charlotte Flatebo

Charlotte Flatebo
NDSEG Graduate Fellow (Applied Physics) at Rice University

M.S. Applied Physics, Rice University
B.S. Chemistry, St. John's University
B.S. Biology, St. John's University

SS 329
6100 Main St.
Houston, TX 77005 USA

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Dolino, D.M., Chatterjee, S., MacLean, D.M., Flatebo, C., Bishop, L.D.C., Shaikh, S.A., Landes, C.F., Jayaraman, V., "The structure–energy landscape of NMDA receptor gating" Nat. Chem. Bio., 2017, 13, pp. 1232-1238

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Charlotte Flatebo

Ph.D.   06/17/2021

Congratulations to Charlotte Flatebo for successfully completing her Ph.D thesis defense! We will miss you and wish you the best luck at UCSB!

Charlotte FlateboEmily Searles

Congratulations   02/14/2020

Congratulations to Charlotte Flatebo, Lauren McCarthy, Emily Searles, Lauren Warning for winning presentation awards at the Smalley-Curl Spring Symposium!

Charlotte Flatebo

Quals Passed   04/26/2018

Congratulations to Charlotte Flatebo for advancing to Ph.D. candidacy!

Charlotte FlateboLogan Bishop

NDSEG Fellowship   04/11/2017

Congratulations to Charlotte Flatebo for being named a 2017 NDSEG Fellow. Also congratulations to Logan Bishop for being named an NDSEG 2017 Alternate Candidate.

Benjamin HoenerCharlotte Flatebo

Congratulations   02/09/2017

Benjamin Hoener and Charlotte Flatebo won presentation awards in the 2nd Annual SCI Transdisciplinary Symposium. Congratuations to both!

Charlotte Flatebo

NSF GRFP Honorable Mention   03/29/2016

Congratulations to Charlotte Flatebo on achieving Honorable Mention in the NSF GRFP!

Nicholas MoringoCharlotte Flatebo

New Graduate Students   11/09/2015

Welcome to two new graduate students, Nicholas Moringo and Charlotte Flatebo!