Christy Landes Professor in Chemistry and Electrical and Computer Engineering

Christy Landes

Christy Landes
Professor in Chemistry and Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rice University

NIH Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Texas-Austin, 2004-2006
Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Oregon, 2003-2004
Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology, 2003
B.S., George Mason University, 1998

SS 333
6100 Main St.
Houston, TX 77005 USA

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Dr. Zhe QiangSara Valdez

Welcome!   09/15/2022

The Landes Research Group welcomes our Visting Scientist Dr. Zhe Qiang (Asst. Prof at University of Southern Mississippi) and Visiting Student , Sara Valdez We are glad you are here!

Christy Landes

In the news...   08/03/2021

A multiuniversity team led by Christy Landes has landed a National Science Foundation grant to establish the NSF Phase 1 Center for Adapting Flaws into Features. Read more from Rice News here.

Jixin Chen

Promotion   04/27/2020

Congratulations to Landes Group Alum Prof. Jixin Chen for receiving tenure at Ohio University!

Charlisa Daniels

Promotion   04/02/2020

Congratulations to Landes Group Alum Prof. Charlisa Daniels for receiving tenure at Northern Kentucky University. We are proud of all you have accomplished and are excited to see what the future holds in store for you!

Landes group

In the news...   02/25/2020

Christy Landes has been featured in ACS Energy Letter's Women Scientists at the Forefront of Energy Research virtual feature!

Miranda GallagherChristy Landes

In the news...   06/01/2019

Congratulations to Miranda Gallagher, who was awarded a short talk selected from poster abstracts at the Environmental Nanotechnology GRC in Newry, ME. Her talk featured ongoing research in the Landes Group funded by the Department of Energy using single-particle spectroscopy to understand structure property relationship of nanocatalysts.

Suparna Sarkar-BanerjeeChristy Landes

New Postdoctoral Scholar   01/07/2019

We are happy to welcome our new Postdoctoral Researcher Suparna Sarkar-Banerjee to the Landes Lab. We look forward to seeing what exciting ideas you bring to the office!

Christy Landes

Congratulations   01/28/2016

Congratulations to Dr. Christy Landes on winning the 2016 Early Career Award in Experimental Physical Chemistry from the American Chemical Society. We are all proud of Christy and the members of the Landes group contributing to this award winning research!

Christy Landes

Promotion   03/21/2014

CHRISTY GOT TENURE!!! This past Friday, Christy was officially informed she would receive tenure at Rice. We here in the Landes group are, of course, thrilled with the news and want to offer our sincerest congratulations to Christy for this wonderful opportunity.