Jagriti Chatterjee Graduate Student (Chemistry)

Jagriti Chatterjee

Jagriti Chatterjee
Graduate Student (Chemistry) at Rice University

B.Tech, Sam Higginbottom Univeristy of Agriculture, Technology and Science
M.Tech Karunya Institute of Technology and Science

SS 329
6100 Main St.
Houston, TX 77005 USA


    Jagriti Chatterjee

    Departmental Achievement Awards   08/06/2022

    Congratulations to JagritiChatterjee for winning the Silver Award at 8th SCI colloquium poster session.Keep up the good work!

    Jagriti ChatterjeeEmil GillettJiamu Lin

    Welcome   11/24/2021

    The LRG welcomes three new members, Jagriti Chatterjee, Emil Gillett and Jiamu Lin. Good luck on the years to come!