The Landes Research Group at Rice University

The Landes Research Group seeks to develop next-generation spectroscopic tools to understand chemical dynamics at soft interfaces at the limit of a single event. Using this super-resolved chemical knowledge, we endeavor to create new models to control macroscale processes like protein separation and photocatalysis.


Ensemble vs. Single Molecule

A wide range of biological and materials processes rely on nanoscale interfacial dynamics. Single molecule methods allow us to identify the chemical complexity of these interactions by revealing the underlying populations that form the ensemble measurment. In doing so, we can identify and tune the rare chemical populations that play a crucial role in reactivity.

Towards Predictive Separations

The cost of bringing a new protein based therapeutic to market averages ~$2.6 billion dollars, of which 50% can be dedicated to isolating and purifying the active compound. A primary contributor to the cost is the iterative optimization of chromatographic separation, a process in which the target analyte is suspended in a non-reactive mobile phase and filtered through a static stationary phase contained within a column or membrane. Unfortunately, the tuning process for chromatographic columns is far from predictive and relies on repetitive experiments to find the optimum parameters.


Breaking the Abbe-Diffraction Limit

We are fundamentally limited in the size of objects we can observe. While this lower limit is hard-set by the wavelength of light we use, our lab specializes in using clever computational techniques to super-resolve an object's location from its observed point-spread function.

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Landes group

The Super Group went to watch the Astros beat out the White Sox. 'GO STROS!

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Charlotte Flatebo

Congratulations to Charlotte Flatebo for advancing to Ph.D. candidacy!

Thesis Proposal   04/13/2018

Wenxiao Wang

Congratulations to Wenxiao Wang for successfully proposing his thesis. Good luck with the work ahead!

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Rashad Baiyasi

Congratulations to Rashad Baiyasi for graduating to Ph.D. candidacy.

Predictive Separations

Predictive Separations



Protein Dynamics at Interfaces

Protein Dynamics at Interfaces

Imaging and Signal Processing

Imaging and Signal Processing

Single-Molecule Spectroscopy

Single-Molecule Spectroscopy

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