News from the Landes Research Group

Wenxiao Wang

Ph.D.   12/12/2018

The LRG congratulates Wenxiao Wang on successfully passing his thesis defense. Good luck at Google, we know you'll do great!

Landes group

New Laboratory Space   12/07/2018

The LRG is officially out of Dell Butcher Hall! Stay tuned for pictures of all the exciting things happening in our new lab space!

Landes group

Happy Holidays!   12/02/2018

The Super Group hosted their yearly Christmas Party on Sunday. Good food and frivolaties were had by all. Happy Holidays!

Miranda Gallagher

New Postdoctoral Scholar   08/22/2018

We are happy to welcome our new Postdoctoral Fellow, Miranda Gallagher, to our offices. Good luck in the years to come!

Logan BishopNicholas Moringo

Departmental Achievement Awards   08/17/2018

Congratulations to Logan Bishop and Nicholas Moringo for winning awards at this years departmental awards ceremony. Keep up the good work!

Landes group

Lab Outing   07/05/2018

The Super Group went to watch the Astros beat out the White Sox. 'GO STROS!

Charlotte Flatebo

Quals Passed   04/26/2018

Congratulations to Charlotte Flatebo for advancing to Ph.D. candidacy!

Wenxiao Wang

Thesis Proposal   04/13/2018

Congratulations to Wenxiao Wang for successfully proposing his thesis. Good luck with the work ahead!

Rashad Baiyasi

Quals Passed   04/04/2018

Congratulations to Rashad Baiyasi for graduating to Ph.D. candidacy.

Logan Bishop

NSF Fellowship   04/02/2018

Congratulations to Logan Bishop on becoming a 2018 NSF GRFP Fellow!

Logan Bishop

Quals Passed   03/12/2018

Congratulations to Logan Bishop on passing his Qualifying Exam! Good luck in the years ahead!

Corina Knowlton

Welcome   01/22/2018

We wish to welcome our new Group Admin Corina Knowlton.

Theresa Leibig

New Undergraduate Researcher   01/15/2018

The Group would like to welcome our new undergraduate researcher Theresa Leibig.

Chayan Dutta

New Postdoctoral Scholar   01/08/2018

The Group would like to welcome our new postdoc Chayan Dutta to the group.

Anastasiia Misiura

New Graduate Student   10/28/2017

The Group would like to welcome our new graduate researcher Anastasiia Misiura. Good luck on the research ahead!

Nicholas Moringo

Departmental Achievement Awards   08/18/2017

Congratulations to Nicholas Moringo on winning a Departmental Achievement award.

Logan BishopNicholas Moringo

Congratulations to our Summer SCI Winners   08/15/2017

Congratulations to Logan Bishop and Nicholas Moringo for winning awards on their oral presentations in the Summer SCI Symposium.

Charlotte FlateboLogan Bishop

NDSEG Fellowship   04/11/2017

Congratulations to Charlotte Flatebo for being named a 2017 NDSEG Fellow. Also congratulations to Logan Bishop for being named an NDSEG 2017 Alternate Candidate.

Nicholas Moringo

Quals Passed   03/20/2017

Congratulations to Nicholas Moringo on passing his Qualifying Exam! Good luck in the years ahead!

Nicholas Moringo

NSF Fellowship   03/17/2017

Congratulations to Nicholas Moringo on becoming a 2017 NSF GRFP Fellow!

Benjamin HoenerCharlotte Flatebo

Congratulations   02/09/2017

Benjamin Hoener and Charlotte Flatebo won presentation awards in the 2nd Annual SCI Transdisciplinary Symposium. Congratuations to both!

Sean Collins

New Postdoctoral Scholar   01/18/2017

The Group would like to welcome our new postdoc Dr. Sean Collins to the Lab.

Lydia Kisley

In the news...   01/14/2017

Congratulations to Dr. Lydia Kisley on making Forbes' 30 Under 30 list for 2017!

Logan Bishop

New Graduate Student   10/28/2016

The group would like to welcome a new graduate student, Logan Bishop. We look forward to what you will do in the coming years, Logan!

Wenxiao Wang

In the news...   10/24/2016

Wenxiao Wang and coworkers developed a method to improve temporal resolution of super-resolution images. Read the Rice News report here

Sudeshna ChatterjeeRashad Baiyasi

Poster Award   08/21/2016

Congratulations to Sudeshna Chatterjee and Rashad Baiyasi for winning poster awards at this years SCI Summer Symposium

Sudeshna Chatterjee

Teaching Award   08/19/2016

Congratulations to Sudeshna Chatterjee for winning a Harry B. Weiser teaching award for her excellence as a T.A. and the Stephen C. Hoffmann fellowship award for her outstanding qualifying exam! Way to go Sudeshna!

Bo Shuang

Thesis Award   05/17/2016

Congratulations to Bo Shuang for winning the John L. Margrave Thesis Award in Chemistry for his great work while earning his Ph.D.

Rashad Baiyasi

Congratulations   04/26/2016

Congratulations to Rashad Baiyasi his award winning presntation at the First Annual SCI Transdisciplinary Symposium. Keep up the good work!

Lawrence Tauzin

Ph.D.   04/20/2016

Congratulations to Dr. Lawrence Tauzin on his successful thesis defense!

Bo Shuang

Ph.D.   04/19/2016

Congratulations to Dr. Bo Shuang on his successful thesis defense!

Sudeshna Chatterjee

Quals Passed   03/29/2016

Congratulations to Sudeshna Chatterjee on passing her Qualifying Exam! Good luck in the years ahead!

Charlotte Flatebo

NSF GRFP Honorable Mention   03/29/2016

Congratulations to Charlotte Flatebo on achieving Honorable Mention in the NSF GRFP!

Christy Landes

Congratulations   01/28/2016

Congratulations to Dr. Christy Landes on winning the 2016 Early Career Award in Experimental Physical Chemistry from the American Chemical Society. We are all proud of Christy and the members of the Landes group contributing to this award winning research!

Chad Byers

Ph.D.   11/24/2015

Congrtulations to Chad Byers on his successful thesis defense!

Nicholas MoringoCharlotte Flatebo

New Graduate Students   11/09/2015

Welcome to two new graduate students, Nicholas Moringo and Charlotte Flatebo!

Chad ByersHao Shen

Congratulations   08/07/2015

Congratulations to Chad Byers for winning the Peoples Choice for his oral presentation and Dr. Hao Shen for winning a poster reward at the first annual SCI Summer Symposium.

David Cooper

Ph.D.   04/16/2015

Congratulations to Dr. David Cooper on his successful thesis defense!

Lydia Kisley

Ph.D.   04/14/2015

Congratulations to Dr. Lydia Kisley on his successful thesis defense!

Sudeshna Chatterjee

New Graduate Student   11/06/2014

Welcome to our new Graduate student Sudeshna Chatterjee

Bo Shuang

Congratulations to our RQI Symposium Winners   08/08/2014

The Group made an excellent showing at this year's Annual RQI Symposium with multipled members giving talks and two members, Bo Shuang and Rachel, winning prizes for their work.

Christy Landes

Promotion   03/21/2014

CHRISTY GOT TENURE!!! This past Friday, Christy was officially informed she would receive tenure at Rice. We here in the Landes group are, of course, thrilled with the news and want to offer our sincerest congratulations to Christy for this wonderful opportunity.

Charlisa Daniels

Congratulations   03/20/2014

Congratulations to Charlisa Daniels for taking a position as a Assistant Professor of Physical Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry at Northern Kentucky University.

Carmen Reznik

Congratulations   03/20/2014

Congratulations to Carmen Reznik for her promotion to Supply Excellence Manger for Chemicals Business.

Jixin Chen

Paper Accepted   03/14/2014

Our friend and colleague Jixin Chen has accepted an offer from Ohio University as an Assistant Professor. We will miss him in our lab but wish him well on this next step in his career!

Chad Byers

Congratulations   02/26/2014

Congratulations to Chad Byers for winning Best Pitch in Natural Sciences in the 90 second thesis contest!

Landes group

In the news...   01/22/2014

Our groups work in using single molecule fluorescence to understand ion exchange chromatography was recently featured in the Rice news. See the full story here

Landes group

In the news...   10/04/2013

The Groups work on development of the super-resolution technique mbPAINT was featured in Rice News.

Bo ShuangChad ByersDavid CooperLawrence TauzinJixin ChenLydia Kisley

Congratulations   08/02/2013

On Friday, the annual RQI Summer Research Colloquium was held and the Group had a very strong showing. Alberto, Bo Shuang, Chad Byers, David Cooper, and Lawrence Tauzin all gave poster presentations on their most recent work, while Jixin Chen and Lydia Kisley were both selected to give oral presentations. Lydia Kisley's presentation titled 'Super-­resolution Imaging by Motion Blur Points Accumulation for Imaging in Nanoscale Topography (mbPAINT)' won this years Halliburton Award.

Chad Byers

Quals Passed   07/11/2013

Congratulations to Chad Byers for passing his Masters defense and moving on to candidacy

Lawrence TauzinBo Shuang

Quals Passed   04/15/2013

Congratulations to Lawrence Tauzin and Bo Shuang for advancing to candidacy. We look forward to your future successes in the group!

Lydia Kisley

NSF Fellowship   03/30/2012

Congratulations to Lydia Kisley on becoming a 2012 NSF GRFP Fellow!

Julia ZhaoAndrea Mansur

Congratulations   11/04/2012

Congratulations to Group undergraduates Julia Zhao and Andrea Mansur for their excellent presentations at the ACS Southwest Regional Meeting.

Andrea MansurNick Uhm

Poster Presentations   10/13/2012

Two undergraduates from the Group, Andrea Mansur and Nick Uhm successfully presented their research at the Rice Centennial Poster Session

Lydia KisleyNick Uhm

Research Award   08/17/2012

The group received much recognization during the Departmental Awards ceremony. Lydia Kisley was awarded the Stephen C. Hofmann Award for outstanding early achievement towards the Ph.D. degree due to early publication and one of the highest qualifying exam scores, while Nick Uhm was awarded George Holmes Richter Memorial Fellowship to assist in funding his summer research

David CooperLydia Kisley

Quals Passed   06/21/2012

Congratulations to David Cooper and Lydia Kisley for graduating on to Ph.D. candidacy.

Nick Taylor

Ph.D.   05/29/2012

Congratulations to Dr. Nick Taylor on his successful thesis defense!

Charlisa Daniels

Ph.D.   04/04/2012

Congratulations to Charlisa Daniels for passing her thesis defense!

Lawrence TauzinBo Shuang

New Graduate Students   10/10/2011

The Group is happy to welcome two new graduate students, Lawrence Tauzin, and Bo Shuang.

Carmen Reznik

Ph.D.   05/13/2011

Congratulations to Carmen Reznik for successfully defending your thesis. We will surely miss you in the years ahead!

Carmen ReznikNick TaylorRosalie BergNick Uhm

Research Award   05/13/2011

This year's Chemistry Departmental Awards Ceremony saw four members of the Group receive prestigious awards. Carmen Reznik, who graduated this year, won the illustrious John L. Margrave Thesis Award, which is given to the student with the best thesis each year. Nick Taylor received the Harry B Weiser Research Award for major research contributions in the chemistry community. Rosalie Berg was presented with the Zevi & Bertha Salsburg Memorial award in Chemistry, noting an outstanding undergraduate in the Chemistry Depatment. Finally, the George Holmes Richter Memorial Fellowship was awarded to Nick Uhm. Join the rest of us in the Group as we congratulate our award winners and look forward to another productive year.