Chayan Dutta Postdoctoral Researcher (Chemistry)

Chayan Dutta

Chayan Dutta
Postdoctoral Researcher (Chemistry) at Rice University

Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Southern California
M.Sc. Chemistry, IIT Kanpur
B.Sc. Chemistry, Presidency College, Kolkata

SS 329
6100 Main St.
Houston, TX 77005 USA

Flatebo, C., Dutta, C., Ostovar, B., Link, S., Landes, C. F., "Heterogeneity and Hysteresis in the Polymer Collapse of Single Core–Shell Stimuli-Responsive Plasmonic Nanohybrids" J. Phys. Chem. C 2021, 125, 33, 18270–18278

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Ostovar, B., Su, M.N., Renard, D., Clark, B.D., Dongare, P.D., Dutta, C., Gross, N., Sader, J.E., Landes, C.F., Chang, W-S, Halas, N.J., Link, S., "Acoustic Vibrations of Al Nanocrystals: Size, Shape, and Crystallinity Revealed by Single-Particle Transient Extinction Spectroscopy" J. Phys. Chem. A 2020, 124, 19, 3924-3934.

Wang, W., Ye, F., Shen, H., Moringo, N.A., Dutta, C., Robinson, J.T., Landes, C.F., "Generalized method to design phase masks for 3D super-resolution microscopy" Opt. Express 2019, 27(3), pp. 3799-3816

Chatterjee, S., A., Carina, Nurik, C.E., Carrejo, N.C., Dutta, C., Jayaraman, V., Landes, C.F., "Phosphorylation Induces Conformational Rigidity at the C-Terminal Domain of AMPA Receptors" J. Phys. Chem. B 2019

Wenxiao WangNicholas MoringoChayan Dutta

In the news...   02/14/2019

Congratulations to Wenxiao Wang, Nicholas Moringo, and Chayan Dutta for getting their newest publication featured in the press!

Chayan Dutta

New Postdoctoral Scholar   01/08/2018

The Group would like to welcome our new postdoc Chayan Dutta to the group.