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Welcome to the Landes Research Group


The Landes Research Group uses single molecule spectroscopy to study dynamic heterogeneity and its role in biological and synthetic materials function.

Please feel free to browse our web site, and contact us if you have any questions.

Research Summary

As experimental physical chemists, the overall goal of our research is to understand the frequently complex structure-function relationships in biological systems and to use this information to inspire innovation in biomimetic materials design.

Innate benchmarks in materials engineering include cost, efficiency, and longevity. As our experimental and theoretical ability to observe nature’s molecular-scale methods have improved, we begin to understand that one reason nature can be so successful is that her design strategy differs from ours. Whereas humans usually design materials with a single, well-defined function, nature often acts through redundant or degenerate channels that are singly not as efficient, but collectively, and in the face of damage or wear, outperform their synthetic cousins.

Our central question is: Can we take cues from the structure-function interplay and use of cooperative pathways in nature’s biomolecular processes to inform design principles for tailoring functional materials applications? The pursuit of answers to this question presents challenges for theory, measurement, and data interpretation.

Three specific objectives related to our overall goal are:

1)         Identify and understand biological benchmarks for heterogeneous structure-function relationships

2)         Identify and understand evidence for heterogeneous structure-function relationships in synthetic systems

3)         Exploit signal processing and information theoretical tools to develop analytical algorithms optimized for understanding heterogeneous structure-function relationships in single molecule and single particle spectroscopy

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Award in 2nd SCI Transdisciplinary Symposium 201702/09/2017 - Ben and Charlotte won the award in the 2nd SCI Transdisciplinary Symposium 2017!   »
New postdoc, Sean Collins join in Landes research group!01/18/2017 - New postdoc, Sean Collins join in Landes research group!   »
Lydia Kisley makes Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list for 201701/14/2017 - Lydia Kisley, Landes group alumni, makes Forbes' 30 Under 30 list for 2017!  »
STReM Method Developed in Landes Lab10/24/2016 - Recently Wenxiao Wang and coworkers developed a method to improve temporal resolution of super-resolution images. Read the summary here and the publication here!  »
2016 Chemistry Awards08/19/2016 - Congratulations to Sudeshna Chatterjee for winning a Harry B. Weiser teaching award for her excellence as a T.A. and the Stephen C. Hoffmann fellowship award for her outstanding qualifying exam! Way to go Sudeshna!  »
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