Plasmonic nanoparticles offer promise in photoelectrochemistry by enhancing the rate and selectivity of reactions and in sensing by responding optically to local reactions. Optical electrochemical measurements at the single particle level are necessary to understand and eventually control the role of plasmons in such complex environments. Recently developed techniques to optically measure electrochemical reactions at the surface of single nanoparticles and individual aggregates allowing for the high-througput screening necessary to resolve subpopulations of active nanoparticle catalysts and identify active sites on aggrregate structures.


  • Using single-particle spectroscopy, the morphology-dependent spectral response for gold nanoparticles due to capacitive charging in an inert electrochemical environment can be quantified.
  • Spectral scattering of single gold nanorods reveals that localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) can be tuned based on the background voltage and the species-specific presence of different halide ions.

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