Lawrence Tauzin Research Scientist

Lawrence Tauzin

Lawrence Tauzin
Research Scientist at Rice University

Ph.D. Chemistry, Rice University, 2016
B.S. Chemistry, Louisiana State University, 2011

SS 307
6100 Main St.
Houston, TX 77005 USA

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Lawrence Tauzin

Ph.D.   04/20/2016

Congratulations to Dr. Lawrence Tauzin on his successful thesis defense!

Bo ShuangChad ByersDavid CooperLawrence TauzinJixin ChenLydia Kisley

Congratulations   08/02/2013

On Friday, the annual RQI Summer Research Colloquium was held and the Group had a very strong showing. Alberto, Bo Shuang, Chad Byers, David Cooper, and Lawrence Tauzin all gave poster presentations on their most recent work, while Jixin Chen and Lydia Kisley were both selected to give oral presentations. Lydia Kisley's presentation titled 'Super-­resolution Imaging by Motion Blur Points Accumulation for Imaging in Nanoscale Topography (mbPAINT)' won this years Halliburton Award.

Lawrence TauzinBo Shuang

Quals Passed   04/15/2013

Congratulations to Lawrence Tauzin and Bo Shuang for advancing to candidacy. We look forward to your future successes in the group!

Lawrence TauzinBo Shuang

New Graduate Students   10/10/2011

The Group is happy to welcome two new graduate students, Lawrence Tauzin, and Bo Shuang.