Zhenyang Jia Graduate Student (Chemical Engineering)

Zhenyang Jia

Zhenyang Jia
Graduate Student (Chemical Engineering) at Rice University

B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Wisconsin - Madison

SS 329
6100 Main St.
Houston, TX 77005 USA


    Duan, H., Jia,Z., Liaqat, M. ,Mellor, M.D., Tan,H., Nieh, M.P., Lin, Y., Link, S., Landes, C. F., He,J., "Site-Specific Chemistry on Gold Nanorods: Curvature-Guided Surface Dewetting and Supracolloidal Polymerization" ACS Nano 2023 (2023)

    Jagriti ChatterjeeZhenyang Jia

    Departmental Achievement Awards   08/06/2022

    Congratulations to JagritiChatterjee, Zhenyang Jia for winning the Gold and Silver Awards respectively at 9th SCI colloquium poster session.Keep up the good work!

    Zhenyang Jia

    Congratulations.   06/20/2023

    Congratulations Zhenyang Jia on passing your Qualifying exam! Best wishes for your future work!

    Zhenyang Jia

    Welcome   05/11/2022

    The LRG welcomes our new PhD student Zhenyang Jia We look forward to your future successes in this group!